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Newark Alliance is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the ongoing economic revitalization of Newark, striving to transform our city into a better and safer place to work, live, learn, play and do business. Supported by corporate and community partners, the Alliance has successfully leveraged Newark's competitive assets to generate economic growth for the city, state, region and beyond. Through innovative partnerships with key stakeholders, the Alliance has developed creative solutions and supported major citywide initiatives that are delivering transformational change for residents and visitors alike, further advancing Newark's renaissance into one of America's great cities.

Newark Alliance is uniquely positioned to continue to be a driving force in the City of Newark over the next 10 years. Our current momentum, coupled with dedicated leadership and the increased engagement of the Newark community, make this an ideal time for the Alliance to pursue a transformational agenda to enhance the city's long-term economic prosperity. Building on its history of success and collaboration, we seek to foster Newark's ongoing momentum by expanding its reach in and around Newark's downtown and neighborhoods in order to have a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of everyday Newarkers.

To pursue the vision of Newark as a true "regional city," Newark Alliance has taken bold steps towards sharpening our focus from four broad, strategic areas, to the three sharp strategic priorities that fuel Newark's local economy and our regional contribution. In particular, it will intensify our efforts on economic and workforce development in an effort to ensure that Newark residents will be afforded the opportunity to participate in the city's ongoing revitalization. Furthermore, the Alliance is invested in enhancing Newark's reputation as a must-see destination city that draws robust economic growth and talent. The Alliance, through the strength and depth of our membership, will leverage resources and expertise to fulfill our mission and commitment to Newark's residents and businesses.


We work in partnership with the corporate community, state, county and local government, civic organizations, labor, the non-profit sector and the community to execute our mission.

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